Wednesday, August 20, 2014

just in case

To ceiling fan or not to ceiling fan? I often ask myself this question. The only time I ever really use our ceiling fan is when I'm coming out of the shower and have to get ready to go somewhere immediately after. All of that moving around and stepping out of a hell-like sauna can really make a girl sweat. I'll turn it on for a few minutes, but then its off again because I normally get cold. I really have no other use for it to be honest, and we have one in every room in the house. I personally don't care for them. They collect dust and aren't visually pleasing to look at. Sure there are some beautiful fans out there, but I much rather see them on a front porch.

I recently read on a blog, I forget where, about not waiting until you purchase your home to start buying your furniture. I've been doing that and living miserably all the while. Its just that we have furniture that is totally not my style and I'm never happy to come home and look at it. You know how it feels when you walk in a beautiful room that you never want to leave. Well I want to feel that way about my entire living space. When we moved in about 5 years ago I was so happy to call that place my home, but now I think I'm just bored. Its quite small, but I could live with that if the decor was how I wanted it. The first thing that has to go is the ceiling fan, but we have to clear out the garage so that we'll have a place to store it. That gives me an idea for a future blog post. All of this is just in case we have to stay here for another year. I really don't want to, but just in case.

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