Saturday, August 16, 2014

gemma on your lips

As a newly inducted member of the Football Moms Club, something I just came up with like two seconds ago, I feel that it is my duty to write about proper mom gear. My boy twin has started his first year as a Pop Warner Mighty Mite and I couldn't be happier. Sure I get to spend 8 hours a week at football practice in the sweltering heat, sweating, hungry and thirsty in an open field full of dragon fly's, gnats and ants, but who wouldn't want to sit in a lawn chair fanning themselves profusely as they watch their child tackle, get tackled, hike balls and receive them? It really is better than it sounds, or worse, it just depends on who you ask I guess.

This mom is all about functional cuteness. You can throw on your teams tank with a pair of cutoffs and Chuck Taylor's and still rock a purple lip at 9 am, I dare anyone to say something. Not really, I don't really dare anyone to say something. If you're a parent, sister, brother, relative or neighbor of a little leaguer, you probably looked at those other people and said, "damn, why didn't I bring a tent too?" Well guess who won't be saying that? This girl! Prepare yourselves ladies! You can be cute under a tent with sparkly studded earrings and Gemma on your lips!


  1. Perfect with the white chucks! Comfy and classy! Good luck to your son!

  2. Chucks go with practically everything, thank you Jana!


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