Wednesday, August 13, 2014

want it wednesdays

I pretty much crave food all day every day, its no secret to those who know me. So I'm thinking this new series called "Want it Wednesdays", will feature mostly food. Like right now, I'm hungry. This is probably the only reason I even came up with the idea. And everything listed, besides that fabulous bob that I plan on getting next month, is something I could literally inhale within like, 5 minutes tops. I have not had lunch today. I am about to go crazy. I love a good oyster. Actually a good 2.5 dozen. I can do that by myself and come back for more within the hour. My father and uncle used to buy a bushel and eat them under our carport. I'd stand right by my daddy's side patiently waiting for him to shuck the next one and plop it in my mouth. I've been doing this since I was a kid. And I like to eat them raw, no crackers, no sauce. I've got to TASTE the thing for crying out loud. Think I know what I'm eating for lunch tomorrow.

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