Friday, August 29, 2014

learn • style • want • home

Its clear that I know absolutely nothing about makeup, and it almost saddens me b/c now in my soon to be mid 30s, I am interested in learning. One thing I desperately want to learn to do is to fill in my eyebrows perfectly. As a child they were very thick, but after years of waxing they do look a lot like the young lady's photo pictured above in the before shot. I don't care what anyone says, Meagan's OTK and jeans look is my style. That look is perfect. Ripped jeans, OTK brown suede boots and a boyfriend tee, its like she knows who I am. I seriously want seared ahi tuna, its been awhile. I've never lived in a home with one, but I'd love to buy a house with an entryway. I just want to add stuff to it. I'm not sure it will always look so picture perfect, but I've always felt they really make a home a home.

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